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❤️ Thank you Arco Iris Community ❤️

We Did It 2021!

Tatiana Sandra Avendano

While it was no 2020, 2021 turned out to be a very big year with it’s own unique challenges and transformations for our wonderful Arco Iris community.  While the pandemic continued to occupy our lives and mindscapes, often bringing uncertainty and change, the team at Arco Iris continued to understand that crisis is opportunity, and that no matter the challenge, we can optimize health and  build community in any circumstance.  With this in mind, we dug deep into the core of our values and created the Stay Safe, Stay Connected – Stay Hopeful, We Got This! campaign, in an effort to keep our spirits high and focused on what is most important, our relationship to you – our valued clients.

Tatiana Sandra Avendano

In the eye of what sometimes felt like a storm, we managed to expand our business and grow into our New LaSalle Location, and launch two new brands, Mystic Pearl and Quattros Vientos.  Our deep dive brought forth new ideas and great personal transformation with founder Tatiana Sandra Avendano answering the call to retire from her massage vocation and move into her passion of helping women move through important cycles in their life with Shamanic and energy rituals and coaching.  Tatiana proudly facilitated her apprentice and Master Masseuse Filomena Piccolo’s  lifelong dream of having her own business and taking over our massage clientele. 


Give Yourself the Gift of Radiance

Boost Your Immune System

This winter, boost your immune system, improve your blood circulation and enjoy a higher level of well being with regular Holistic Massage Therapy services.  Visit our New Massage Studio – Mystic Pearl – in LaSalle. 

Tatiana Sandra Avendano

Honour Your Feminine Life Cycles

Learn how to honour your feminine life cycle transitions, tune into your womb wisdom and develop an intimate relationship with nature.  Tatiana is available for ceremonies, rites of passages and life cycle spiritual coaching.

Learn more about Tatiana’s new line of holistic medicine in Shamanic Energy Techniques & Priestly Practices. 

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Let’s continue to Stay Safe, Stay Connected, Stay Hopeful, We Got This 2022! 

Happy Holidays!!!