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The following testimonials come from clients both in the private and corporate sector who have availed themselves of ArcoIris services In-Studio, In-Home and as part of corporate programs. No testimonials have been altered in any way; they appear are as they have been received by ArcoIris.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful massage. I can’t believe the difference it is making in my body. I feel that it opened up so many channels and that the energy in my legs, toes and feet is flowing much more freely. Are you sure you don’t want to move to Victoria?? I look forward to returning in the Spring. Thanks and many blessings.

Pat Manning


I started massage therapy with Sandra in early 2009. Shortly after we started, I found out I was pregnant with my first child. Sandra kept a log of each of our sessions in order to note the baby’s growth and my ailments as the pregnancy progressed. Sandra’s connection with the baby was very natural, she performed Reiki massage and belly rubs that I’m sure relaxed the baby as it did me. I am expecting my second baby shortly and have continued with regular message as a way to relieve stress, aches in my lower back and feet and all around relaxation. So to all the mothers and to expecting mothers who have not considered massage therapy, I am urging you to try it once and you will understand, as I have, that it is not a luxury but rather a necessity.

Lisa Bowen


Being an artist whose work is primarily based around the human body, the Massage Therapy 101 class was extremely interesting to me and my practice. I’ve had extended knowledge of human anatomy prior to attending your class but being able to explore and understand through touch, sensation, and the whole experience was extraordinary. Thank you for a very insightful, fun and relaxing course!

Maria Doering

Massage 101 student at Concordia University, 2009

Massage compliments my diet and exercise programs by eliminating toxins and releasing tension that have build up during the week. The feeling of peace and contentment that I experience during my sessions allows me to deal with any problems that I have not been able to resolve. Sandra’s professionalism and work ethic are admirable. Her knowledge of body mechanics has given her the ability to sense problem areas during a massage and thus preventing injuries that may have arisen at a future date. She is constantly improving her skills, taking courses and going to seminars so that her clients will receive the best therapy possible.

Allan Kligman


I don’t know what you did last week but my cold went away and in Pilates today my body was moving better then ever…..also when I press on my chest between the breast bones it is less painful ….not perfect but better….so whatever you did worked…


Insurance Broker, 2008

I’m a 58 year old woman with a very active lifestyle. I have a passion for several high-impact sports. However, I am often reminded of my age by tight muscles that give me pain and reduce my performance. Fortunately, I have been going to Sandra for therapeutic massage. She has done a wonderful job to knead out all the ‘knots” in my back and shoulders so that I now feel much more comfortable and I am ready for action! In addition, her calm, pleasant manner does wonders to help me relax quickly and easily. Thank you, Sandra.

Sharon Zigman


I have gained much confidence since taking your course, Meditation for Brain Health at the Cummings Center and the Cognitive Behavior Therapy before that at the McGill CBT clinic. I now know how to deal with an anxiety attack and realize that the Monkey Mind will stop sooner or later.


Meditation for Brain Health participant, 2013

Sandra volunteered her time for our Centre at the Scotia Bank charity run. It was obvious to my colleagues and I that she was extremely skilled, accommodating, and worked nonstop for 3 hours. She addressed each of her “patient’s individual areas of concern, and I can honestly say we all felt much better. I highly recommend Sandra and her “magic hands!!”

Cathy Simons

Foundation Director, Cummings Jewish Centre for Seniors, 2009

My Dearest Sandra, I cannot express how thankful I am to you and Stefani for the amazing work you have done over the last two semesters. You have truly been amazing in developing our idea for a small massage therapy class into a comprehensive course that any student lucky enough to attend has thoroughly enjoyed. I look forward to working with you again, as well as exploring more course options with the CSU 101’s in the coming semesters.

Diana Roldán

Concordia Student Union 101s Coordinator, 2008

Chère Sandra : Quand j’avais 15 ans je me rappelle à quel point un simple plaisir (ex regarder mes amis jouer aux cartes) m’excitait. Je faisais littéralement corps avec le groupe. A cette période de ma vie, j’essayais de temporiser ce fait en étant le plus terre à terre que possible. De sorte qu’a l’âge adulte, je réussissais à contrôler mes émotions. Tôt ou tard cette sensibilité devait cependant ressortir de nouveau. Lorsque j’ai assisté a ma 2ième démonstration de Reiki, Sandra me mentionna n’avoir point eu à toucher mes chakras lors de la première démo pour que je réagisse. Cela m’a pas surpris, mais a confirmé ce que j’ai toujours su je crois. Merci à toi Sandra pour cette confirmation!

Richard Dery

Teleglobe Canada

I’ve been going to Sandra’s sessions for over 3 years. During Reiki sessions, I feel my body completely relax as I feel the waves of her energy brush over mine. I feel my thoughts disappear as I allow my soul to go where it needs to go. I leave the session on a high. I leave there feeling cleansed. I feel like my battery has been recharged, as if toxins have been instantly flushed away, and my spirit is open and strong. These sessions are also a learning experience. I come out inspired, because each time Sandra is proof of the amazing power of our mind, and the ability to heal through the forces of human touch.

Debbie Geltner

Graphic Artist

I really enjoyed the Reiki sessions – the sessions helped me more that I could have imagined. When I first started, I was a little skeptical, but I think I started at the right time and it gave the boost I needed. The sessions taught me about the different chakras in our body and how to achieve a quiet state simply by breathing and focusing on my chakras, my energy.

Lina Michetti


I’d been going to see an Osteopath for a few months to successfully repair some damage that I had done to my shoulder. However, the entire right side of my back began to feel quite strained and then I developed a persistent pain near the bottom of my neck that I couldn’t get rid of even after having had received an additional two osteopathic treatments specifically for this issue. After just a couple of minutes with Sandra, her magical hands found just about every single <knot> and tense spot from my neck right down to my rib cage. A few days later, the areas that had been “frozen”, had finally unfrozen and the pain was mostly GONE, after just (1) massage. I would invite all those that have been struggling with persistent tension, stress or pain in their bodies to book a massage with Sandra.

Ana Pavan

Senior Consultant, IT, 2012

This 101 class is an introduction to the Art of massage therapy. You don’t only learn techniques, you also learn about the history of massage, the human body, and finally something very important, how to get in the right state of mind to give massages. I definitely recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn more about the art of massage therapy.

Friederik Geertsen

Massage 101 student at Concordia University, 2009

Sandra has been my massage therapist for more than 3 years. I have been getting massage for over 25 years and Sandra is exceptional. She is highly professional and is reliable and responsible. Her ability to get in touch with my body and truly give needed relief to me has been invaluable. I particularly had a very difficult year and Sandra was extremely helpful to my body as well as my soul.

Patricia Green

Designer and Importer

Dear Sandra,
Thank you so much for this session. I was so stressed out! I learned a few weeks ago that a family member had breast cancer with metastases in her bones. I was so tired before starting the Reiki session and so relaxed after it was great! Even my colleagues found me relaxed and in good shape. Thank you again and see you next week. Your class schedule looks very exciting 🙂 can’ t wait for the next class.

Sophie Karagiannis

Senior Advisor of Human Resources, Teleglobe Canada

The time I spent with Sandra was special “me” time. She was able to make me feel a peace that came from inside of me. I could feel her share her energy and restore me to a balance. She is giving and sometimes we must be able to take that strength and let it build inside us.

Lois Golfman

High School Teacher

I thought that Massage 101 was a great course. The atmosphere was relaxing and de-stressing and I also learned a great deal about massage history, techniques, and the human body. I didn’t expect such a well-organized, in depth course when I signed up & it was definitely a pleasant surprise. I thought we would be given basic maneuvers but we learned a series, and about the proper atmosphere and emotions to have when giving massages. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in massage.

Lois Golfman

Massage 101student at Concordia University

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