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Happy Winter Solstice!

Empowering the Next Generation of Wombmen

More 5-Star Energetic Services Coming in 2022

Tatiana Sandra Avendano

Creating a Legacy of Health & Healing Support for the Next Generation of Wombmen 


While there were many great lessons and developments, 2021 was not without its challenges as we lost loved ones who transitioned to the other side, and discovered that some of our most beloved people were facing struggles with their health.  And as 2021 was winding to a close, we were faced with another, and perhaps the largest curve ball, when we discovered that a Dear Sister in our midst was facing a battle with cancer. 

Without hesitation, we decided to find a way to lend support in any way we could. And with great enthusiasm, some of the most talented energy practitioners in our circle came forward to donate their services in order to assist in her healing journey.

As 2021 comes to a close, we are honored to announce the Little Sisters Legacy Fund, a program to provide young women 29 and under, who are struggling with physical, emotional, mental or spiritual dis-ease, with energetic healing services to support their health and well being.  We hope to create a legacy of health and healing support for the next generation.

This initiative is sponsored by Arco Iris, Ladies of The Hive Mind and the Cryptocurrency Community.

Tatiana Sandra Avendano

Stay Tuned for More 5-Star Energetic Healing Services in 2022 


Continuing with the theme of expansion and transformation, we look forward to welcoming some phenomenal practitioners we have the pleasure of knowing to offer a wider array of energetic healing for optimal well being.  Stay tuned for announcements about our growing menu of services which will include generational healing, sound frequency and  healing, with some gifted healers from our community.

Let’s continue to Stay Safe, Stay Connected, Stay Hopeful, We Got This 2022!  Sending you all every blessing for the New Year.