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Tatiana Sandra Avendano, Massage Therapist, Reiki Grandmaster, Shamanic Practitioner.  Tatiana has always been a spiritual person, but, did not recognize this about herself in her younger years. She obtained a B.Com from Concordia in 1993, a B.Ed in Physical Education in 1997 from McGill and a Masters in Sports Psychology from the University of Ottawa in 1999, but, still did not feel fulfilled. It was not until she began her training in Massage and Energy Therapy and obtained certification in over a dozen massage and energy work modalities over the past 20 years that she began to feel that she had found her calling.

2002 was a turning point for Tatiana who was working part time as a fitness instructor, taking massage therapy courses and launching her massage therapy business, Healing Hands.  In 2007, she had a now or never moment which pushed her into a full-time career into the holistic healing world and launched Arco Iris Massage and Reiki and in 2010 she moved the business to a larger location to accommodate her growing clientele.  Tatiana began to teach and diversify and in 2011 she had the opportunity to work at the Brojde Lung Cancer Centre of the JGH providing complimentary care for cancer patients where she developed a new love and respect for oncological and palliative massage.

2018 was another important pivot point when she experienced a complete burn out.  She had been ignoring the whispers of her heart; to creatively integrate all her knowledge and experience to teach and create community. The Rainbow Collective, a community initiative which offers Free Online Holistic Group Sessions to help alleviate the stress from COVID-19’s social isolation and challenges, and The Four Winds Project (now renamed Quattro Vientos), a community service sharing information about ancestral knowledge and about the spirit elements and animals corresponding to the Four Directions, both were launched in March 2020 from a deep longing to connect deeply with herself, with her communities, with nature and the planet. Connect with Tatiana:

Tatiana is a member in good standing of the ANQ (Association des Naturothérapeutes du Québec) and the RMQ (Regroupement des Massothérapeutes du Québec ).




The Foundation for Shamanic Studies 2020|
• The Way of the Shaman
Intensive Vision Quest Workshop 2019
• 100 hours apprenticing and working with elders learning about the ritual, songs, drum medicine, and supporting a community of vision questers.
• 5 years apprenticing in the Santo Daime Path learning about plant medicines, the ritual, the songs, the teachings and the music with elders, teachers, and guides.


Academy Ananda OM 2015
• Usui DivineYu Reiki 1-3 Teacher Training
• Usui DivineYu Reiki Level IX
• Usui DivineYu Reiki Level IIX
Reiki Grandmaster & Tibetan Academy  2013
• Usui Fam Rei Reiki Level I-IX
• Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices I-III
• Regression Therapy I
Institute Natural Health Consultants  2004
Usui Shiki Rhyoho Reiki Levels I, II , III and Master


Institute Natural Health Consultants  2008
• Spiritual Psychotherapy Techniques I & II
• Awakening Intuition Techniques
University of Ottawa – Master of Arts program 1998
• Sport Psychology and Mental Training Consultation
• Consultation and Intervention in Sport
• Micro-Counselling
• Counselling Theories and Practice


Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Integrative Medicine Service 2011
• Medical Massage for the Cancer Patient – Level I & II
Dragon & Phoenix Shiatsu School 2009
• Zen Shiatsu Level I Practitioner
Institute Kine Concept 2008
• Baby/Toddler Massage
• Deep Tissue Massage
Institute Natural Health Consultants 2004
• Foot Reflexology
• Chair Massage
École de massage professionnel à fleur de peau 2002
• Therapeutic Massage
• Sport Massage
• Massage for Pregnant Women
• Certified Massage Practitioner


• 55 hours Contemplation Technique – The Lotus Centre 2020
• Transcendental Meditation (TM) Course 2014
• 4 day course Vipassana Meditation, Montebello, Quebec 2013
• 10 day course Vipassana Meditation, Sutton, Quebec 2010


Spiritual Enlightenment Center 2016
• Chakra Therapy with Color
• Distance Healing
• Mediumship I
Institute Natural Health Consultants 2006
• Chakra and Energetic Healing Techniques
• Sound Healing Techniques


Experts in Alternative Medicine
465 Hudson Ave, Montreal-West, QC  H4X 1W9