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The Arco Iris Signature Massage

Sandra Tatiana Avendano, business owner and senior massage therapist, will apply 20 years of experience & her unique intuitive approach and techniques to help your body rejuvenate, relax, and harmonize. Sandra is a certified Massage Therapist and Reiki Grandmaster, certified in 13 body and energy work modalities. She has experience with a wide variety of clientele including young children, pregnant women, individuals with Parkinson Disease, post-stroke, cancer, palliative care and post-surgical patients. Sandra’s goal during a session is to enable her clients to increase their natural healing processes and to develop their own intuitive capabilities.   

Pre-Natal Massage

Pre and Post Natal Massage Pre-Natal Massage is a combination of Californian and Swedish Massage techniques that are applied gently and safely for the pregnant woman and her baby. The pregnant client is placed on the massage bed or ergonomically designed chair in a position that is both comfortable and which takes special consideration of the lower back and the legs to relieve back pain and decrease muscular swelling in the legs and feet. Massage gel or oil is used. The mother’s belly is also gently massaged.The benefits of this therapy are twofold; whatever is received by the mother is also received by the baby. The soothing effects of massage carry over; ‘good’ hormones are stimulated, heart rate and neural activity are decreased. The immune system is boosted and the detoxification of the liver and kidneys are encouraged. Post-Natal Massage is the gentle massage of the abdomen and stomach after the birth of the child. For those who have had caesarian section, massage of the scar tissue is an effective way to deal with the often tight tissue left behind by this surgery. Often clients describe a tingling, raw, or numb sensation in the area long after surgery. Gentle massage of the area can help to loosen the fibrous tissue, reduce pain and help restore normal sensation

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage works directly on the muscle tissue to reduce adhesions and tension points. It involves thumb, hand, and forearm movements and uses a combination of kneading, soft brushing and applied pressure to specific areas. Depending on the needs of the client, a Swedish Massage can be a full body experience (head to feet, front and back) or restricted to problem areas. Swedish Massage uses oil or gel depending on the preferences of the client. Clients often describe Swedish Massage as soothing because of the slow, methodical movements. There is, what can be described as, a choreography to Swedish Massage and it is not uncommon for clients to drift off during the massage in total relaxation.

Couple’s Massage

Share the romantic experience of tandem massage in the comfort of your home or in our massage studio in an environment conducive to sheer relaxation and romance.  The practitioners will offer a service of your choice in the same room with your partner. Low lighting and soothing music contribute to the perfect ambience for a romantic urban escapade.

Reiki Energy Work

The word Reiki is derived from two Japanese words Rei = Universal and Ki = Life Force Energy. Reiki is based on the premise that invisible energy flows through the body much like cars driving along a highway. As long as the energy, like the cars, flow freely, the body is balanced, harmonized and in tune. When this energy gets backed up, like traffic, everything is thrown off kilter causing stress, tension, anxiety and illness. Reiki is a hands-on energy therapy that manipulates energy flow around the body to reduce stress and stimulate deep relaxation. Reiki promotes healing on all levels; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. In this case, the client is a participant in the therapy. Reiki is a flow of energy between the Reiki practitioner and the participant. During a session, participants may experience physical sensations such as tingling, cold, warmth, lightness, heaviness, buoyancy or a floating feeling. After a session many clients express feeling refreshed and calm. Reiki is performed on a fully clothed person lying down on the floor or on a massage table. The Reiki practitioner lays their hands along or above the participants’ seven energy centers or Chakras. Energy is passed between practitioner and client leaving the recipient feeling completely relaxed.

Chair Massage

A combination of Swedish and Oriental massage techniques are applied to reduce stress in the neck, shoulders, arms, back and head to relieve ‘knots’ and reinvigorate. Chair Massage is performed on a fully clothed person seated on an ergonomically designed chair or on a normal chair. It can be done at the office during the work day as a quick ‘pick-me-up’, or at home as part of a spa day with friends or family, or for any special event.

Medical Massage for the Cancer Patient

Today’s scientific evidence validates massage as a treatment benefiting those with a range of conditions including those living with cancer and in palliative care. Massage Therapy is one of the earliest forms of medical treatments used today to enhance the quality of life of individuals living with cancer.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage works by stretching the fascia of the muscle and the connective tissue which affect a person’s range of motion. This modality uses some of the same movements as Swedish Massage but the movements are slower and the pressure is deeper and more concentrated on the area of tension and pain. Some clients prefer this massage as it is more vigorous and intense. Oils and gels are not used for Deep Tissue Massage. Passive range of motion maneuvers, stretching, and active participation from the client is sometimes required to release muscle tension and adhesions. Deep Tissue Massage is often needed by clients engaged in sports or by those have sustained an acute injury. Clients who suffer from chronic pain, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, issues with posture or scar tissue benefit greatly from this treatment.

Massage for Children

Swedish Massage techniques are used in Children’s Massage. Touch is one of the most important senses we possess. It can convey so much; to a baby or toddler, touch can be soothing, comforting, calming. Touch represents reassurance and, often, healing. Of course, when working with babies and toddlers, there is always an element of unpredictability! That’s why the baby sets the stage for this modality. Sessions vary between 20-45 minutes during which the child guides the practitioner with his or her reactions. Whether it’s sitting up, lying down or crawling there is an incredible amount of eye contact and verbal cue between the practitioner and the child. Parent is always present during the massage and will ultimately help massage their child with coaching from the practitioner. 100% grape seed oil is used; it is both hypoallergenic to the skin and if ingested. Children’s Massage helps to develops the skin’s sensitivity, stimulates blood circulation, the respiratory system as well as the gastrointestinal system and can be a great source of relief for upset tummies, gas and constipation. It promotes a more profound sleep, deeper concentration and is a great time for parent-child bonding.

Reflexology (Foot)

Foot Reflexology focuses on the feet including the ankle, the top of the foot and the calf, depending on the client and the practitioner. Reflexology is not a Massage Therapy, per se, but pressure point therapy that works by applying small precise movements mostly using the thumbs. Reflexology also works with the body’s own subtle energy flow that run along the feet and which correspond to every area, gland and organ of the body. Talc rather than cream is used to maintain a dry surface and to maintain friction between the practitioner’s hands and the client’s feet. Reflexology is performed on a fully clothed person lying face-up on a massage bed or on a reclined long chair. Clients are expected to have freshly washed feet; nevertheless, the practitioner will clean the client’s feet with a topical astringent to help reduce sweating. In a typical 60 minute session, both feet will receive a Reflexology sequence. Palpating the energy zones of the feet can help balance and normalize the functions of different body parts. Indeed, certain conditions can be alleviated by Foot Reflexology; back pain, migraine, neck pain, respiratory illnesses and allergies have all been eased through Foot Reflexology.

Sports Massage

Sports Therapy Massage works mostly to increase muscle temperature and elasticity. The movements are faster and more vigorous and involve stretching, compression, friction and vibration of the area. Sports therapy also involves joint mobilization. Post-activity Sports Therapy Massage maneuvers are slowed down and help to rid the body of lactic acid which builds up in the muscles during exercise. Massage oil and cream are used to reduce friction. Sports Massage is recommended for the ‘weekend warrior’ or for anyone involved in sport in order to maintain overall muscle tissue health.

Meditation Strategies
Meditation is quite simple. It is the ability to quiet your mind and focus inward. That’s all. It sounds easy enough, but, from Isaac Luria and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali to Meditation for Dummies, Meditation boasts a long and multicultural history. Thousands of tomes have been written on the subject of Meditation. Masters have taught and gurus followed. It’s not only about finally being able to focus on that one geometric shape or understanding the puzzling zen kohan but the journey you take to get there. You can go on a trip with directions or you can take a travel guide. Meditation is like that journey; everyone will take the trip but it all depends on the path you take to get there.
Can I be taught meditation strategies at ArcoIris
Yes. ArcoIris practitioners have studied Meditation and are happy to pass along these strategies to their clients. They have studied a variety of modalities; some familiar and some quite different. Meditation is a skill one must continue to hone; the more we learn, the better we get and are we are happy to pass all of them along to you. daily living.
Stress Management Strategies
Stress management is a skills based therapy wherein the practitioner uses a series of techniques to help the client address specific or non-specific stressors or stress triggers. These skills and techniques (deep breathing, recognizing and acknowledging stressors) are then applied to activities of daily living.
Can I get help for stress and anxiety at ArcoIris?
Yes. Clients who suffer from general anxiety and acute anxiety attacks can receive help at ArcoIris. Through a variety of techniques including deep breathing, meditation, Reiki, Massage Therapy (the proper modality will be decided by you and your practitioner) over time, anxiety can be greatly reduced.
Services for a corporate or private events
ArcoIris Practitioners can be booked for corporate and private events. We offer a range of workshops from Couples’s Massage, Baby Toddler Massage, to Meditation and Reiki sessions to Chair Massage for the office party. Give your friends the treat of relaxation and book us for a birthday party or a girl’s night out! We’re happy to help you plan your event, so just give us a call and we can build something to your specifications.

Refined Massotherapies
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