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The following excerpts are from Dawn Rouse's Blog, Balefulregards. Dawn Rouse, PhD, Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, wrote blog posts describing her personal experience receiving Massage and Reiki at ArcoIris Refined Massotherapies


Life After
"As I have lay on the table and had my massage therapist activate my meridian points, I have been forced to inhabit my body. Forced to figure out what I am holding in various parts of my body and then breathe through the pain as the points are worked until they release. Forced to stay in touch with what I am feeling, followed with why..."


In massage therapy this week, the therapist focused in on my lower back.

"The energy here is heavy", she said. "So incredibly heavy." 

Laying there, I wondered what she was talking about. Heavy? She said it in a way that indicated that she thought it wasn't a good thing, this heavy energy. I lay there thinking.  "What you call heavy, I call grounded", I finally offered...

Great Expectations

My left shoulder holds intense "stuff"... I do not kid. My massage therapist has to exert a tremendous amount of force on my body to get my energy moving...

My massage therapists has her elbow and knee in my shoulder as she moves the muscle. She asks "What IS This? What are you holding here?  It's like there is a fence right HERE..." She emphasizes this by moving the ridge of acupressure point where I am blocked with her fingers.


Seven Visits
First Visit: "I sit humbled. I cry, mostly..."
Second Visit: "How do you soothe yourself", she asks?" I have no answer for her.
Third Visit: "It shames me that I begin to cry even before I enter her office." 
Seventh Visit: "What is wrong with me", I ask her. "When am I ever going to feel something more than this sadness? Because this feeling is awful. It just never ends." "Time", she answers. "It is going to Take Time."


Autumnal What Not
"Calm has returned, mostly, to my life. My beloved massage therapist tells me my aura - if one believes in those things - is completely different. I suppose she should know, having spent so many hours with her hands on my flesh, knitting me back together from the shredded and scattered pieces I walked into her studio holding. When she touches me now, I do not soak the energy from her hands the way I once did, an exhausted battery. Yet I still go back, her touch reminding me that this body is my home, and that it is good to live inside this body.”


My whole left side of my body had been going numb since the last fall, and I didn't think it was an issue for the chiropractor. It felt different, like something was blocked which, despite my very best efforts, could not be unblocked by myself…

After the Reiki session, the practitioner told me that my right side energy was lovely - like caramel. But the left side? She shuddered. "Some intense stuff going on there."

I know. I am holding all the pain and dissatisfaction and disappointment on one side of my body. By the end of the session, I started to cry as the left side of my body went numb. "I've cut off my left side", I said to her.


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