Sandra Avendano, Massage Therapist and Reiki Grandmaster.  Sandra has always been a spiritual person, but, did not recognize this about herself in her former years. She obtained a B.Com from Concordia in 1993, a B.Ed in Physical Education in 1997 from McGill and a Masters in Sports Psychology from U of Ottawa in 1999, but, still did not feel fulfilled. It was not until she began her training in Massage and Energy Therapy and obtained certification in some 10 massage and energy work modalities over the past 10 years including Deep Tissue, Pre-Natal, Swedish, Oncological, Post-Surgical and in Reiki Therapy that she began to feel that she had found her calling.


2002 was a turning point for Sandra who was working part time at the Ben Weider JCC as a fitness instructor, taking massage therapy courses and launching her own business, ArcoIris. The business grew; she began to teach and diversify and in 2011 she had the opportunity to work at the Brojde Lung Cancer Centre of the JGH providing complimentary care for cancer patients where she developed a new love and respect for oncological and palliative massage.

Her most significant contribution to the world of health and wellness has been helping others increase their natural healing processes and to develop their own intuitive capabilities.


In addition to keeping up to date with her professional skills, Sandra likes to take part in a variety of hobbies and interests and has recently joined a theatre group and is learning to be theatrical performer.


  DivineYu Reiki Academy
• Usui DivineYu Reiki 1-3 Teacher Training
• Usui DivineYu Reiki Level IX
• Usui DivineYu Reiki Level IIX                                                    
  Reiki Grandmaster & Tibetan Academy
• Usui Fam Rei Reiki Level I-IX
• Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices I-III
• Regression Therapy I                                                    
  Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Integrative Medicine Service
• Medical Massage for the Cancer Patient – Level II
• Medical Massage for the Cancer Patient – Level I
  Dragon & Phoenix Shiatsu School
• Zen Shiatsu Level I Practitioner
  Institute Kine Concept
• Baby Toddler Massage
• Deep Tissue Massage I
  Institute Natural Health Consultants
• Usui Shiki Rhyoho Reiki Levels I, II & III
• Reflexology – Foot
• Chair Massage
  École de massage professionnel à fleur de peau
• Therapeutic Massage
• Sport Massage
• Massage for Pregnant Women
• Certified Massage Practitioner
  Member in good standing of the ANQ (Association des Naturothérapeutes du Québec and the RMQ (Regroupement des Massothérapeutes du Québec)  




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